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“Friendly, professional, and punctual” is our chauffeurs motto. Chauffeur Driven to Serve

07 Life is proud to provide private & executive car hire and have a team of executive chauffeurs who provide the best driving service in London. Professionalism and punctuality at its finest, our chauffeurs go through a unique screening process before being hired. We only hire the best as we would like our chauffeurs to exceed your expectations. What sets our chauffeurs aside from the rest, is that they are happy to go that extra mile for you. The priority of an 07 Life chauffeur is client safety and anonymity.

Our Chauffeurs

Meet Sandro

Sandro is a true gentleman who is confident and courteous, which makes him a client favourite . After five years of supervising and fleet controlling for a renowned car rental company, Sandro has acquired corporate experience and knows what it takes to provide excellent customer service to all of our clients. A truly knowledgeable man in his own right, Sandro holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and a diploma in Business Administration. He is also fluent in English, Georgian, and Russian. Along with his education and flare for languages, he has 3+ years chauffeuring experience and thus has extensive knowledge of the environment of London.

Meet George

George is a courteous and diligent gentleman who has over 10 years of driving experience, George has most certainly become a clients first choice, gaining a very popular reputation due to his professionalism and punctuality.

George is also fluent in English, Russian and Georgian. 

Meet Richard

Richard is an extremely positive gentleman who has gained a very popular reputation with our clients. Richard has over 12 years chauffeuring experience, along with extensive knowledge in Hospitality Management, showing his extensive knowledge to provide reliable and organised journeys. Richard is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Meet Flori

Florim joins LLC with excellent customer service qualifications. Florim is local to London now for twenty years, so is an expert in the logistics of London. Florim is popular chauffeur due to his reliable and organised nature and LLC appreciates Florim for his trustworthy and respectful attitude. Not only does he speak English and Albanian fluently; he also understands both the Italian and Croatian languages.

Meet Mohammad

Mohammad joins LLC with substantial experience of the professional driver industry, with over 15 years chauffeuring clients around London, Mohammad is an expert in the logistics of London. Mohammad is a popular chauffeur due to his polite and courteous nature, with clients requesting this gentleman for their journey time and time again. Mohammad is also fluent in both English and Farsi.